Training Topics & Expertise

Collaboration and empowerment are two key strengths that I possess. Through active engagement,  I provide training participants with the support that enables them to gain skill and agency. I meet people where they are to help them reach their technical, communication, or professional goals.

Business Strategies

Asset Management

Building Vision and Scalability


Adult Learning Theory

Instructional Design Theories and Principles

Leveraging Data

Collaboration Tools and Strategies

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Accessibility Tools

Microsoft Office/ Office 365 (certified by Microsoft)

G Suite (certified by Google)

Assessment Tools

Learning Management Systems Administration and Usage

1:1 Classroom

Empowering Collegial Mentors (Train the Trainer)


Design Thinking Strategies

Blended Learning

Asynchronistic/On-demand Learning

Specific OS Tool Usage

 * Chrome

 * Apple

 * Microsoft

Gamification Strategies

Project-based Learning

Leveraging Social Media

Optimizing Organizational Strategies

Computer Programming

NextGen/ Future Ready Classroom

Online Collaboration

Grant Application Strategies

Web Design

Online Communication Tools

Grant Application Strategies