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About Me

As an instructional designer and change agent, my interests range from technology to entrepreneurship. My first experience with computers and online learning was playing video games when I frequented nickel arcades as often as my allowance would allow.


As I began to teach face-to-face and online students of all ages formally, my learning expanded. Currently, I am an instructional designer and digital learning strategist, which means that I build and teach online courses and deliver face-to-face training for various industries to help them meet their strategic initiatives.


The idea of "What if" has always inspired me. This question helps me to push the boundaries of possibilities. I believe strongly in collaboration and empowerment. As a result, I will meet you where you are as you work to develop and achieve your technical, communication, or learning goals. I am passionate about providing the best collaborative support to you as you envision your own "what if…" projects. You can find me exploring my next "what if's" with my colleagues' help both on and offline.

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